Business Excellence

ProErigo offers animated e-learning and tool templates that enable leaders and key employees to:

  • Successfully execute process improvement & digitalization projects
  • Enhance departmental performance
  • Boost team efficiency
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement

Trust ProErigo when content quality matters.


The ProErigo solution

ProErigo offers:

  • Courses designed to provide comprehensive understanding of leadership structures and project execution methods
  • library featuring micro-learning modules on tools designed to optimize team collaboration and work meetings

Take a closer look, watch this video introduction.


About the courses

ProErigo includes three courses:

  1. Important content in a business improvement system
  2. Project execution method for process improvement and digitalization
  3. Leadership structures for operational control and continuous improvement

About the library

ProErigo includes a comprehensive library of 33 tools. The tools are designed for best possible outcome of meetings and activities in projects and regular operations.

Every eTool includes:

  • One or more animated videos
  • One or more text descriptions
  • Templates and examples

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