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Business improvement system

A business improvement system must support both strategic and operational improvement needs. This course introduces:

  • The importance of having an improvement system
  • Important mechanisms in an improvement system

The video shows excerpts from the course.

Green Belt Basic Lean

Better leadership

The course describes leadership structures and methods for operational control and continuous improvement. The course is designed to make it easier 

  • for managers to develop their areas of responsibility
  • for individuals and teams to succeed in carrying out improvement activities
  • to build common improvement knowledge and involve everyone

The video shows excerpts from the course.

Green Belt Basic Six Sigma

Better improvement projects

The course describes the method and tools for successful execution of improvement projects, including digitalization. The project method is a practical and pragmatic adaptation of Six Sigma DMAIC.

  • Ensures business and customer focus in all project phases
  • Makes it easier to succeed without extensive experience
  • Simplifies guidance, follow-up, reporting, and communication
  • Provides timely and efficient training at project start

The video shows excerpts from the course.

Productivity Toolbox

The tools are microlearning and templates designed for the best possible collaboration, quality and progress in value-creating activities. The tools make it easier to succeed in planning and carrying out work meetings.

  • The tools include videos, text descriptions, templates and examples
  • Templates in Microsoft 365 og Miro format
  • Tools for process mapping, problem solving, risk analysis, prioritization, data analysis, process design, design of meetings, activity management, creativity tools, communication and more.

The video introduces the library.

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