Privacy and Cookie Policy

This Statement describes how ProErigo AS collects and uses information related to the use of ProErigo’s website. Our website address is: www.proerigo.com. Contact information is available at this address.

What personal information is collected and why

ProErigo’s website collects information from forms that the visitor fills out, comments that the visitor posts, files that the visitor uploads, user account settings, transaction data (eg purchase information), technical information such as information about cookies and which browser used.

The information recorded is used to:

  • respond to inquiries
  • to adapt the communication and interaction with the site for the best possible user experience
  • meeting the visitor’s registered wishes for communication with ProErigo
  • conduct transactions
  • documenting purchases and transactions with authorities and relevant other third parties *
  • analyze the use of the site and make improvements to support the work to avoid offensive and illegal utterances

*) Third parties means ProErigo’s partners and suppliers that help to realize the functionality of the website.

Information relating to people is only registered after the active consent of the visitor to the site.

Personal information is not only created through users’ actions with the site. Personal information is also generated by technical processes such as contact forms, comments, cookies and the incorporation of third-party content.


When visitors post comments on a web page, the information provided in the comment form is stored in addition to the visitor’s IP address and visitor’s browser version. This is done to help avoid junk comments. ProErigo reserves the right to remove comments without justification.

Visitors’ comments can be checked through an automatic junk comment detection service.


Visitors to the site who want to upload photos should avoid uploading photos with information about the place they were taken (EXIF GPS). This is because other visitors to the site can download and extract such information from images on the page. Visitors who upload images are themselves responsible for the rights to the uploaded images. ProErigo does not allow uploading images that may be perceived as offensive. ProErigo reserves the right to remove images without justification.

Contact forms

ProErigo stores the information entered in the contact form, the sender’s IP address and the browser version that was used. This is done to reduce the risk of junk inquiries, respond to inquiries and identify errors in communication. The information in the contact form is not used for other purposes.

Website analysis

Information about the use of our website is collected. The purpose is to improve and further develop the site. Examples of statistics that are created are the number of visitors to the site’s various pages, the duration of the visitors, the websites the visitors come from and the browsers used. Google Analytics (Google Inc.) is used to create statistics.

Embedded content from other sites

The site’s pages may have embedded content (such as videos, images, articles, etc.) from external sites. This content behaves in the same way as if the visitor had visited the site from which the embedded content originated.

Such external websites may collect and use visitor information through the ProErigo website, use cookies and embed third-party tracking systems. ProErigo’s policy is only to use embedded content from serious and well-known external players.

Cookie policy

Here you will find information about the site’s use of cookies.

Cookies are small text files placed on the computer of the visitor to ProErigo’s website.

ProErigo uses cookies for three purposes:

  • Realize the desired functionality on a website.
  • Realize different types of forms of communication with website visitors.
  • Perform site usage analysis and identify opportunities for improvement.

Cookies needed for basic functionality are stored in the visitor’s browser. These do not store user information. Cookies used to analyze the visitor’s use of the site are stored in the browser only when the visitor has actively accepted. Visitors to the site have the opportunity to reject the use of such cookies. Such a rejection can have an impact on the user experience and functionality of the browser. Consent to place cookies on your computer may be withdrawn at any time.

Visitors who choose not to consent to the use of cookies may experience defective or incorrect functionality on the site’s pages. This will also apply if the visitor’s browser automatically blocks cookies.

How long the information is stored

Information submitted through various forms (contact form, offer acceptance, orders etc.) is stored indefinitely. The information can be deleted on request as soon as the customer relationship has ended or the dialogue around a potential project has ended. Except for this is information that ProErigo must store in order to meet government requirements and meet the visitor’s guidelines for contacting ProErigo.

Comments that a visitor posts to a website are stored indefinitely. This is to organize follow-up comments and approve them automatically.

For visitors who register on our website, registered personal data is also stored indefinitely. All registered visitors to our login services can view, edit and delete their own personal information at any time. Site administrators can also view and edit this information.

Who we share your information with

ProErigo shares only relevant personal information with the authorities, partners and suppliers to meet government requirements, fulfill the person’s wishes for communication form and realize the functionality of the website.

Right to information about stored personal information

Visitors to ProErigo’s websites that have submitted information through various forms (contact form, offer acceptance, orders etc.) may request a file containing the information ProErigo has stored about the visitor.

Your contact information

If you have any questions about our handling of privacy and your personal information, please contact [email protected].

How we protect your personal information

ProErigo uses cloud-based solutions to realize our website, our office support systems, our communications solutions and online commercial services. To safeguard the privacy of all relevant stakeholders, we employ well-known, reputable partners and suppliers. An important criterion in choosing partners and suppliers is privacy. Our choices for technical settings of services and solutions are also based on the goal of the best possible privacy.