Process Improvement & Digitalization Projects

Unlock the power of animated eLearning and tool templates with ProErigo. Our expert-designed content ensures efficient implementation of process improvement projects, including digitalization.

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Applying ProErigo in projects

Discover how ProErigo meets the needs of project stakeholders and supports the project team through every phase of execution.

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Project execution method

The course describes the execution method and tools for the successful implementation of improvement projects. The use of the method:

  • Ensures business and customer focus in all project phases
  • Makes it easier to succeed without extensive experience
  • Simplifies collaboration, follow-up, reporting, and communication
  • Facilitates training of project participants and key stakeholders at project start

The video shows excerpts from the course.

Leadership structures to ensure sustained solutions

The course describes key management structures that must be established or revised to ensure the sustainability of the project’s solutions. The course:

  • Simplifies the identification of which structures that need to be included in the project scope
  • Facilitates the involvement of key stakeholders in designing or redesigning leadership structures

The video shows excerpts from the course.

Productivity Toolbox

The tools are microlearning modules and templates designed to facilitate the best possible collaboration, quality, and progress in project activities and meetings.

  • The tools include videos, text descriptions, templates and examples
  • Templates in Microsoft 365 og Miro format
  • Tools for process mapping, problem solving, risk analysis, prioritization, data analysis, process design, design of meetings, activity management, creativity tools, communication and more.

The video introduces the library.

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